Polyethylene Bottle based on FFS Technology

FFS means Form Fill Seal Technology i.e. complete processing of bottles inside the machine, thus ensuring complete sterility and full assurance of patient's safety.

These bottles are made from original FFS machine of Rommelag Germany, pioneers in manufacturing this technology. Bottles are made using low density polyethylene granules only of Basell company which is based in Netherlands. Moreover, the final bottles are sterilized using Getinge Sterilizers which is a Sweden based company and offers best sterilization solutions for pharmaceutical industry.

All this results in a product that is of world class quality.

5% Dextrose Inj.IP 500
5% Dextrose with 0.9% Sodium Chlo.Inj.IP 500
5% Dextrose with 0.22% Sodium Chlo. Inj.IP 500
5% Dextrose with 0.33% Sodium Chlo.Inj. IP 500
5% Dextrose with 0.45% Sodium Chlo.Inj.IP. 500
10% Dextrose Inj.IP 500
10% Dextrose with 0.9% Sodium Chlo. Inj.IP. 500
0.9% Sodium Chloride Inj.IP. 500
Ringer Lactate Inj.IP. 500
DJ-LYTE- P With 5% Dextrose Inj. 500
DJ-LYTE- M With 5% Dextrose Inj. 500
DJ- LYTE- E With 5% Dextrose Inj. 500
DJ- LYTE- G With 5% Dextrose Inj. 500