About Us

Established in the year 1999, we, "D. J. Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.", are one of the prominent processors and suppliers of a wide range of Intravenous Fluids and other high value Pharmaceutical Formulations. We are offering our clients LVP(Large Volume Parenterals) and SVP (Small Volume Parenterals). The company has been granted a license by Food and Drug Administration ( Madhya Pradesh) Manufacturing license no. – 28/6/2000 for small volume parenteral and Manufacturing license no. – 28D/1/2000 for large volume parenteral.

Our processing unit is facilitated with state-of-the-art technologies such as multicolumn distillation unit, 0.2 micron zeta potential positively charged posidyne cartridge filters makes I.V. Fluid free from Pyrogen and particulate matters and thus makes our products at par with the market requirements. Moreover, we are also engaged in offering our clients optimum quality containers such as U.S.P. Type-II glass and non-toxic injectable grade thermoplastic (P.P.). All our products are designed to meet the needs of W.H.O., G.M.P. and ISO-9002 . Owing to the quality of our products, we have been awarded various certificates such as Export Certificate, G.M.P. Certificate, Revise Schedule 'M' Certificate, ISO Certificate and CRISIL Credit Rating SE 2B Certificate.

We are currently approved in 12 state Govt. and have a wide distribution chain ranging from Tamil Nadu and Kerala in South till Jammu in North along with U.P., Bihar in west to Meghalaya in East. We also have very keen interest in export and look forward to work in coordination with companies in exports of pharmaceutical products. We are currently invloved in export to various Middle East and Sub - Saharan countries.

We owe our success to our mentor, "Mr. Kailash Jindal", who holds more than 24 years of experience in the domain of processing small volume and large volume parenteral and with the assistance of other team members, he aims at achieving the organizational goals within the stipulated time.


Following are the objectives that we adhere to:

To serve the nation through quality medicines.
To establish as a leading Pharma Company.
To be a eco-friendly company with attitude to protect environment
To make available quality medicines globally.
Commitments to human health at economical cost.
We ensure"Team work commitment up to desire mile stone".

We are currently aproved in 12 state govt. and have a distribution chain ranging from Tamil Nadu and Kerala in South till Jammu in North. We also have keen interest in exports and look forward to work in coordination with companies interested in exports of pharmaceutical products. Presently, we are exporting our goods to Sub - Saharan Continent.

Our Team

Team is the nerve center of organization and with the help of our diligent team we are able to offer our clients unmatched range of fluids. It is manned by skilled, qualified and trained professionals. In order to keep the professionals abreast of the latest technological developments, we make sure that regular training sessions are organized for them. With the help of this, we are able to offer a range that is in compliance with the current industry standards. The head professionals include our CEO, Mr. Kailash Jindal; Director, Ms. Neha Jindal and our Marketing Director, Shri Pradeep Vishwakarma.